Travel Experience

Donna partners with individuals and companies to enhance their travel experience, offering a unique, highly personalised service. She also works with travel businesses to help them convey their unique story, be that via day-to-day practices, guest programs, design direction and identity, or through online presence and social media strategies.

  • Trip planning and bespoke itineraries for individual travellers and creative companies
  • ‘Place-making’ strategies for hotels, travel brands and tourism organisations
  • Destination development and representation

Branded & Custom Content

Beyond editorial commissions, Donna brings a clear vision of how to create inspiring and engaging content that drives business goals and builds brands, with a range of clients from small businesses to global corporates. She is a cross-media content professional with over two decades experience in online and print publishing. Her expertise includes:

  • Content commissioning,¬†aquisition and curation
  • Content strategy and information design
  • Creative direction, photo editing and research
  • Copywriting, structural editing and proofreading
  • International location research and script consulting
  • Management of creative, multidisciplinary teams

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